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Marion Photography

Hola, My name is Marion, and I take photos.

I'm from a small city called Chihuahua, in 2009 I bought my first camera and I haven't stopped taking photos since then, I have been fortunate enough to work doing what I enjoy doing the most, I always try to bring a camera wherever I go. The best moments in life are those fleeting little moments and my work gives me the power to capture them.

I'm a fan of street food, especially if they are tacos or burritos. Whenever I can I'm playing some videogame on an Xbox or PC. When I have my camera on me, but I'm not working, I change my digital camera to an analog one, the process of taking a picture and not being able to see it until it is developed feels like Christmas came early.

My process of taking wedding photographs is to document it the most faithfully and aesthetically possible, always trying to find different angles and creative perspectives, so that they are memories that you will cherish forever.

family photoshoot mexico
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